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ISE Added 7 New Business Avenues

ISE India has added seven new business avenues of earning for Country GSA / State GSA / ECA by adding product and services in their selling basket with great earning source of these products. Click Here To Know More

7 New Business Avenues Are;

1-ID Cards-Non Privilege & ( PVC/ Chip Card).
2-International Sim Card.
3-Forex (Foreign Exchange). Click Here
4-Drugs For Travellers. Click Here
5-General Insurance.
6-Study Abroad.
7-Indian Studies.

Click to see powerpoint ppt version 2007: "ID Card Presentation-ppt"
Click to see powerpoint ppt version 97-2003: "ID Card Presentation-ppt"

ID Cards-Non Privilege & ( PVC/ Chip Card).

ID Cards-Non Privilege & ( PVC/ Chip Card) ISE offer Chip Cards, Smart Cards, ATM Cards, we are also offering Card Personalization Services. The Country GSA /State GSA/ECA can sale in Corporate, Educational Institution and, Bank, Government Department and Agencies. (This may create a opportunity to earning lacs in one deal).

International Sim Card.

International Sim Card Travelling abroad? Get International Sim Card, Cellular communication makes life easier. But it brings along the anxieties of escalating bills, especially if you are a frequent traveller, since international roaming costs are exorbitant.

Cut down your international mobile expenses by almost 85% with a country-specific mobile connection from International Sim Card. Enjoy lower call rates, free incoming calls in most countries and experience seamless connectivity. International Sim Card offers convenient mobile solutions vis-Ã -vis international roaming, calling cards, phone cards or pre-paid cards.

The Country GSA /State GSA /ECA can sale through their business partner network from Study Abroad Consultants /Visa Consultants/Travel Agents and other business network.

General Insurance.

General InsuranceTravel Medical Insurance - protects primarily your health when traveling abroad. Short to intermediate term plans go from 5 days to one year or more and generally cover only illness, accident & emergencies. Travel Insurance - Travel Insurance protects your trip in case of a cancellation, travel delay and trip interruption. You can insure all of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs including airfare, hotels, tour costs and even course fees. International Medical Insurance - International medical insurance protects your health while you are traveling -- domestically or internationally. Some plans provide emergency medical and evacuation coverage. Other, annual plans include both emergency and non-emergency coverage. Individual Personal Accident Insurance - Individual Personal Accident Insurance policy covers you against Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement (PTD).This includes coverage against terrorism and acts of terrorism. Country GSA/State GSA/ECA can sale general insurance like vehicle insurance, medical insurance , travelling insurance, house hold insurance to their clients and enhance their revenue and profit by multiple time

Personal Accident Insursance comes with global coverage

Study Abroad.

Study Abroad Almost as important as the academic advantages of an international education are the chances it offers to experience life abroad. Quite simply, there is no better environment for Indian students to take hold of their future...and be the best they can be. An education in the UK or USA, Australia, Russia etc, has always placed great importance on the ability of students to work independently and to develop their own thinking.

The end result is that students emerge from an international education not only with a thorough understanding of their subject but also with analytical abilities and problem-solving skills that are much prized by employers in later life

ISE has many foreign universities, management institutes to refer candidates for study abroad, Country GSA/State GSA/ECAs just refer a candidate and earn of very good amount. ISE will pay additional to Country GSA / State GSA / ECA when as they develop counseling facility at their end.

Indian Studies.

Indian StudiesHistory of Indian Studies :
to offer assistance and guidance to prospective students to get admission in various fields both in India. Today, a number of private education consultant agencies have come up all over the country to help students get admission in the university or colleges of their choice. ISE has many institution, universities and colleges for their admission in these colleges, institution and universities. The Educational Consultants just refer a candidate and earn huge money on individual case. ISE will provide counseling facility at their end ISE will pay additional to them. Click Here To Know More;

ISE has opened one stop opportunity for Educational Consultants to become millionaire, these opportunities of earning open the unlimited earning potential for Educational Consultants.

Special online training will be provided to all Educational Consultants for all services separately and initial promotional material will be given to them to promote these services.

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